Embracing the World 2016 26th Amma Japan Program

Amma, the revered spiritual leader and humanitarian, is coming to Japan! Over the past few decades, Amma has embraced more than 37 million people around the globe. The programs are free and open to all. Schedules are subject to last minute changes. Please check our website before coming to confirm program details.

Program Contents:
Darshan (personal hug and blessing) from Amma, Traditional Indian devotional music, Information about Amma's charitable activities, spiritual talks, meditation, cultural programs.
[※Admission & Amma's Hug, etc Free / You can enter, exit anytime]

In order to receive Amma's darshan, you must first have a token. Each token is valid for only that particular day and program. We will begin distributing tokens as soon as the program hall opens. For visitors coming by train to the evening program, please be aware of the time of your last train, make sure you arrive at the program as early as possible, and obtain a token as soon as you arrive.
Programs end when the last person receives darshan.

Each program will conclude when visitors have been embraced.
Schedule is subject to change, so please check HP for confirmation before departing for venue.
Japanese: http://amma-rainichi.org
English: http://www.amma-rainichi.org/english/index.html


For inquiries, contact us at Contact:For inquiries, contact us at kouhou☆amritaheart.org
Please replace ☆ with @.

Bank account specifically for the remittance to realize Amma Tour

If you transfer the money in a post office:

■Postal Transfer Account:00160-1-721040
■Account Name:アムリタハート(Amrita Heart)

In case of using bank remittance (internet banking system is also usable), please transfer the money to the account of either Japan Post Bank or Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubish UFJ.
For remittance from overseas, please use the swift code of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ as below.

■Transfer Bank Name: Japan Post Bank
■Branch Name: 019店(zero one nine branch)
■Account Number: 当座:0721040
■Account Name:アムリタハート (Amrita Heart)

■Transfer Bank Name: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ振込先銀行名:三菱東京UFJ銀行
■Branch Name: 本店(ホンテン)
■Branch Number: 001
■Account Number: 普通:1560667
■Account Name:トクヒ)コクサイチャリティキョウカイアムリタハート
(NPO Kokusai Charity Kyokai Amrita Heart)

★For remittance from overseas
SWIFT CODDE BIC: BOTKJPJT (8 alphabetical capital letters)
Institution Name: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan


Who is Amma?

AmmaThe holy Mother Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as Amma(Mother), has endeared herself to tens of millions all over the world through her extraordinary acts of love and self-sacrifice in the midst of these troubled times. She dedicates virtually every day of her life to consoling suffering people all over the world, in the form of a motherly hug. Furthermore, her charitable organizations are actively conducting vast activities throughout India and abroad, ranging from orphanages, educational institutions, charitable hospitals and 100,000 free homes for the needy. In response to the 2004 Asian Tsunami, Amma immediately pledged US$23 million in Tsunami Relief, but by the end of 2006, after two years of relied effort, the amount of aid pledged had doubled, reaching US$46 million. As a symbol of the recognition that she has received from the global community, Amma was a key speaker at the United Nations Millennium Peace Summit held in 2000, and in 2005 the UN conferred Special Consultative Status on her charitable organization. She received the Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence, presented at the United Nations General Assembly in Geneva in 2002, and the 2006 Interfaith Award from ICNY in New York. Today Amma continues to spread her message of love and peace throughout the world.

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